Core Features

ID3 is an Integrated Development Environment for Data-Drivin-Documents. ID3 provides developers, data scientists, journalists and more, with the ability to harness the power of D3.js, and with ease.

Import & Export

ID3 makes importing and exporting templates, prior files, and more a seamless process.

Live Rendering

Live rendering allows you to visually see changes to your project as you make them.

Attribute Panel

Using buttons, drop down menus, sliders, and more, makes editing specific attributes and properties quick and easy.

Reusable Templates

Upload your own templates, code, or use ID3’s templates for rapid prototyping. It's your choice.

Data Management

Uploading, editing, downloading, and inputting data into an existing application is a breeze with ID3.

Offline Capability

Have the convenience of working anywhere with ID3's offline capability.

Main Application

main application screenshot

Contribute to ID3

ID3 warmly welcomes your support by contributing to this project. Please refer to the README on GitHub for more information on how to contribute. And, thank you!

Our Team

We are committed to contribute to the open source community and the world of software engineering as a whole.

Naomi Lai

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Christian Pascual

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Jeffery Ma

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Steve photo

Steve Meads

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Feel free to connect with us on GitHub, Twitter, etc. And, thanks for stopping by!